How to pack for your Honeymoon like a pro

Once you’ve picked a destination and booked the honeymoon suite, there’s one big to-do left on your honeymoon list – to pack. Here are some tips for packing well and travelling smoothly to keep you feeling as happy as when you said your vows.

Start early – Start to plan early (especially if you’re leaving at the end of your wedding day).  Avoid last-minute stress by checking your airline baggage rules and any immunisations required for your destination as far in advance as possible.  Call your credit card company and mobile phone provider to inform them of your plans so that you can avoid any surprise fees.

Pack well but not too well!  When it comes to packing it’s all about balance: packing too much will weigh you down, while leaving behind essentials will mean overspending on things while you’re away.  Keep organised by packing by outfit – choose an outfit for each day or occasion you have planned as well as a few versatile pieces that can be worn more than once.  Pack an extra large’ish bag within your suitcase to bring on day trips so you can bring back souvenirs and other shopping easily.

Pack a few surprises – Got a fabulous new sexy dress or shoes you’ve been waiting to show off? A stylish honeymoon hotel with your adoring new husband is the place and person to do it with. A honeymoon is all about romance, so pack some great lingerie and anything else you think will be fun – we’ll leave that up to you and your imagination…

Be organised – Knowing what not to pack in your checked bags is important too. Minimise the chance for potential problems by keeping essential travel documents like itineraries, visas, tickets, confirmations, important contact info, and copies of your passports with you at all times.   It can be useful to email yourself a folder of all important documents just in case the originals get lost or destroyed. This way you can always regain access to these items no matter where you are.

Beware lost luggage.  Hedge your bets in case your baggage is lost by dividing both of your belongings between two suitcases. This way, if disaster strikes, at least you’ll have some of your essentials!  Consider bringing a large carry-on bag of your favourite bits and essentials and then share one large, checked bag with each of your remaining belongings.  Label your luggage.

Roll with it.  Maximise space and avoid creasing, roll each item tightly then pack them snugly on top of each other. For particularly wrinkle-prone clothing, place tissue paper on top of items before you roll to prevent wrinkling.   Stuff your socks inside of your shoes—not only will this save you space, but it will help your shoes retain their shape.

Tech support – Leave computers and tablets at home. Your honeymoon is a rare moment in life when it’s just the two of you. Unplug, turn off your phone, and savour every moment together. Of course, part of the fun of traveling these days is posting photos while you’re on the go, so post and share your photos while on the WiFi in your room.

Better to be safe than sorry – It may not be the most romantic thing to think about, but neither is getting sick on your honeymoon with nothing to help you feel better. Bringing the right medication will help should you become ill. Pain relievers, cold remedies, allergy medication, nausea relief, anti-diarrhoea meds, sunscreen, aloe, hand sanitizer, tissues, and insect repellent will get you through most disasters. Also don’t forget your contraception unless you’re planning for a honeymoon baby!!!

The camera never lies – Your honeymoon is a milestone in your life that should be remembered as such. If you don’t have one, invest in a decent camera (or consider registering for one as a wedding gift) as exotic honeymoon locations and precious moments deserve better than smartphone photography. And don’t forget the chargers and accessories for your camera like extra batteries and memory cards.

And finally – Take a deep breath and relax.  All the stress of the last few months is over and you get to spend quality time holidaying with the love of your life.  It doesn’t get better than that!



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