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How to have a colourful wedding with Flipside Bride bouquets

Colourful wedding ideas by Flipside Bride

Every girl dreams of a big white wedding, right? Err….no, wrong. Not everyone wants a traditional, pastel hued celebration with many wanting a colourful wedding. The wedding world is a cookie cutter industry. But what if you don’t want cookies? What if you want pizza? Or jelly? Or salted caramel chocolate cake? …Ok, now I’m […] Read more…

DIY Tutorial: Make your own pinwheel

Today’s DIY tutorial comes to us from Betty Pamper, blogger and writer of the wedding book: Handmade Wedding Crafts. She shares with us how to make a pinwheel which are perfect for table decorations or button holes for your big day. You will need A square piece of paper or card (the sides must be […] Read more…

Magpie Wedding

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