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1960's Bridal Inspiration - A Charming Vintage Railway Shoot

1960’s Bridal Inspiration – A Charming Vintage Railway Shoot

Even today vintage elements in are hugely influential in the world of weddings even if your wedding is not ‘vintage themed’. This beautiful and inspiring 1960’s bridal shoot, set on a vintage train, tells an endearing love story of a secret marriage. Make-up artist Victoria Taylor tells us all about the inspiration, journey of the […] Read more…

Wedding Memories: A Sixpence in the brides shoe

  We all know the rhyme – ‘Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue’ but did you know it has a fifth part? ‘…and a sixpence in her shoe.’ The something old represents the brides past, the something new represent her new life with her husband, something borrowed would be borrowed from a happily married woman to get […] Read more…

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